Rozen Maiden 2013 remake trailer, it will premiere on July

The homepage for Studio Deen’s forthcoming Rozen Maiden television series has added a teaser trailer. Mamoru Hatakeyama (Sankarea) is directing the new adaptation of Peach-Pit’s manga, from scripts by Fancy Lala creator & screenwriter Tomomi Mochizuki. The 2013 anime will be a new adaptation of the original manga rather than a continuation of the 2004-2006 anime franchise animated by studio Nomad. The new anime series will premiere in July.

 Hoping it has the same success as HunterxHunter!

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Girls und Panzer gets 2014 film, an OVA and fan disk

Even though it's basically moe with tank porn, the concept is
 amusing enough
The "Heartful Tank Carnival" event revealed on Sunday that production on an entirely new Girls und Panzer film has been green-lit, and it will open next year. Tsutomu Mizushima is once again directing the project.

In addition, production on an original video anime (OVA) about the battle against Anzio Girls High School has been green-lit. Finally, a fan disk mostly devoted to footage from Sunday's event will go on sale in September.

Source: ANN

Naruto Shippuden May 2013 anime schedule

It seems we will get more canon this month? Not so likely, we shall wait and see.

Episode 311 "Prologue of Road to Ninja" May 2, 2013
Episode 312 "The Old Man and the Dragon's Eye" (老人と龍の目) May 9, 2013
Episode 313 "Rain Followed by Snow, With a Chance of Lightning" (雨のち雪, ときどき雷) May 16, 2013
Episode 314 "Sorrowful Sun Showers" (悲しい天気雨) May 23, 2013
Episode 315 "Lingering Snow" (名残雪) May 30, 2013

Rose of Versailles new 1-shot to be about Andre

Riyoko Ikeda is returning to her The Rose of Versailles classic historical shōjo manga after 40 years to pen a 16-page chapter in this year's 10th issue of Shueisha's Margaret magazine on Saturday. The one-shot will focus on Andre as a boy before he met Oscar.

The new one-shot is being published in a special "Anniversary Book" extra that is being bundled with Saturday's issue of Margaret to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the magazine. Shueisha launched Margaret in 1963 as a weekly publication, and the magazine changed to being published twice a month in 1988.

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Lupin vs Conan movie will premiere on December

Shogakukan's Shonen Sunday magazine has revealed that a Lupin III vs. Detective Conan The Movie film will open in Japan in December of this year, four years after the Lupin III vs. Detective Conan television special aired on NTV in 2009 and earned a 19.5% rating.

More details will be revealed in future issues of Shonen Sunday.

Source: ANN
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Senyu's new season will premiere on July

Not surprised at all.

The latest issue of Jump Square magazine announced that a second season has been greenlit and it will premiere on July.

In Robinson Haruhara's original manga, a gigantic hole suddenly opened up in the world one day, and demons appeared. The king thinks that this portends the return of Satan Rchimedes, who was sealed away by the hero Creation a millenium ago. The king decreed that the descendants of the hero must take on the threat, and 75 people showed up. Hero No. 45 (Alba, played by Hiro Shimono) and a sadistic palace warrior (Ross, played by Yūichi Nakamura) team up, and their adventure begins.

Source: AnimeNation, ANN
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Naruto Shipuuden anime April 2013 schedule

A month of war fillerology, oh well...At least we finally got new Opening and Ending sequences.

Episode 307 "Fade into the Moonlight" (月光に消ゆ)  April 4, 2013
Episode 308 "Night of the Crescent Moon" (三日月の夜) April 11, 2013
Episode 309 "A-Rank Mission: The Noble's Match" (A級任務・御膳試合) April 18, 2013
Episode 310 "The Castle Falls" "Rakujō" (落城) April 25, 2013