Busy and more busy

You might have noticed that I haven't been here so much and it has it's reasons. I am at the moment writhing my final essay and it demands a lot of time. But I can let you in on a few starters of my Rosa cosplay.

So far I've only started on her top, one of her millions sashes, the cape and the shoulderpads.
First I had to decided which fabrics I would use for the top. In the end I go a white thin cotton, two layers of old lace curtain, a thick green cotton and the lining. 

Cutting out fabric. This is actually the thing about sewing that I find the most boring and usually the fabric lays on my floor a couple of days before I measure and finally cut out the patterns. 

The lining complete with 'shim'?
Well, I still have to sew it together. 

The parts all put together, now I just have to sew it together. 
Well that's all I have photos of so far. Bye!

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