JapanManga app for iPhone and iPod Touch offers content in various languages

Even amateur manga creators can have their work distributed that way!

The Japanese company JapanManga Inc. is currently offering an application for Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone devices titled "JapanManga." The app itself allows both professional and amateur manga creators to have their manga or doujinshi translated into other languages and distributed digitally worldwide.

Currently, the app provides manga titles in Japanese, English, and Chinese, but the company also plans on offering works in French and Korean soon. Each title, once downloaded, can be read in any of the languages offered by sliding each manga page up or down. The company is currently streaming a 62-second video on how to use the app.

The company is providing the app so foreigners can read manga in their own language and to also aid Japanese students of other languages. The app currently has seventeen manga chapters available to download for free, and the company notes new manga will be made available on the app every three days. The app also allows readers to send a message directly to the manga creator after they are done reading the chapter.

JapanManga Inc. also plans to also release the app for both Apple's iPad device and Android devices.

Source: Anime News Network

Back Office review

Back Office is a webcomic of the strip format by Mark Egan, owner of the site rawrtacular.com.

The story is loosely inspired from the author's friends of his girlfriend, without exactly being them, but rather the prototypes of persons you can find in your office, and I can certainly relate.

It starts with the main character, Mike, who returns after his sales experience to his office, a Call Center, when suddenly his colleague and his (teh evil?) boss need help because the call queue (Q-Matic) has gotten so big that it came to life in the form of a great virus!!!

Mike is transported against his will to the inner world of Q-Matic, and it's quite similar to Hueco Mundo in Bleach, the callers (clients) are alienated in rows, resigned to wait years till they are recognized at the top of the queue.

This begins the 'Second series' of the story, while the First serves as a prequel

The characters are compelling, with each contributing something unique to the story. I have a fondness for Magnus, one of the System guys, the living and breathing irony of a contemporary Cro-Magnon man whose brain melted after endless hours of programming, and now 'his head runs in a cocktail of Java and Turbo Pascal', as his friend best described it.

What I also find great is that the site's interface is very intuitive, with playback buttons that let you go forward and back, as well as the first strip, to the most current strip. The style reminds me very much of Four-coma specials that mangakas use to add comedy and depth to serious-themed stories.

While there's a solid continuity between strips, which are frequently updated every Monday, some of them can be interpreted separately, such as this that pertains to the very first strip (from the first series) published in 2010.

In regards to tone, I can say that this is like Dilbert, but with a more optimistic approach, you can identify with the character's frustration with routine and daily life in a cubicle, but they want to do something about it, they are active about the conflicts that surround them, not passive and cynical. And it doesn't lose any ounce of satire.

The story can be found here! http://rawrtacular.com/bo/ or in the banner section of this very blog!

SDotP: Drafting Armor

*scarlet demon of the pavement

I've been working a little on how I want to put together the armor for Kaito.
I want it so I can bend my body and limbs, without any problem or discomfort, so it will be a very demanding project, once I get into the MAKING of it, but as the title says..
I've made some small 3D drafts of what I've imagined it to be, so far.

This first picture is the body armor, yes. It's very simple, but it is only paper, so no greater details.
I might add some more ribcage armor, but it really depends on what I'm going to work with in the end.
The long choppy piece, will also be armor, which will follow my spine, as if the armor actually is a piece of me.

This is the 'prototype' of the armor rings, which I'll make 10 of total, all to fit each individual finger.
Since it's paper, I couldn't bend out the shape as it's supposed to go, but I've gotten a feeling of how I need to put it together and what size it'll be in the end.

Bleach fillerology September schedule

This Kageroza arc has been quite the mixed bag, but it seems it will end this month, with probably another filler arc following:

Episode 337 "The Developer of the Modified Souls" (改造魂魄の開発者) August 30, 2011
Epidose 338 "Kon's Thoughts, Nozomi's Thoughts" (コンの想い、望実の想い) September 6, 2011

(To be updated further)

Naruto Shippuden September schedule!

These fillers so far have been funny and well written, it seems they will keep mixing it up with the manga storyline. Naruto will face challenges as he gets to the island that the Toad Sage prophetized!

Episode 227 "The Forgotten Island" (忘却の島) September 1, 2011
Episode 228 "Fight, Rock Lee" (闘えロックリー) September 8, 2011

(to be updated further)

Yuri Seijin Naoko-san OVA will premiere on November 30!

Aniplex has scheduled the release of animation studio ufotable’s three “Anime Bunko” OVAs.

In these three Anime Bunko OVAS package that will be available in DVD and BD, a new 30 minute Yuri Seijin Naoko-San OVA will hit on November 30.

Yuri Seijin Naoko-san is based on the gag comedy manga by Kashmir about a normal high school girl who encounters a female alien obsessed with preadolescent girls and lesbians. A short OAD adaptation was released last year.

The other series that will have this OVA treatment will be the long-awaited 40 minute long Minori Scramble! OVA, which will hit on December 7, and the 70 minute long Gyo will hit on December 14.

Brilliant!! Just Brilliant!!

source: AnimeNation

Evangelion 3.0 movie will premiere on Fall 2012

Although there's still more details that need to be sorted out, Studio Khara has announced that its third Rebuild of Evangelion feature film will hit Japanese theaters in fall 2012.

Source: AnimeNation

The Pillows rock band will be touring in the US starting on September!

The great group that provides the 1st ED song for SKET Dance 'Comic Sonic' will open in the NAP Utatane tour.

Here are the tour dates fot those who can go!!! I wish I could!!

September 5 (Monday), El Rey Theatre
Doors open 8:00 p.m./all ages
5515 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tickets http://www.theelrey.com/

September 7 (Wednesday), San Francisco at Slim's
Doors open 7:00 p.m. / Start 8:00 p.m./all ages 6 and over
333 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103-4313
Tickets http://www.slims-sf.com/

September 9 (Friday), Seattle at El Corazón
Doors open 8:00p.m./all ages
109 Eastlake Ave., East Seattle, WA 98109
Tickets http://www.elcorazonseattle.com/

September 11 (Sunday), New York at Blender Theatre
Doors 7:00 p.m./all ages
Gramercy, 127 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010
Tickets http://www.livenation.com/Gramercy-Theatre-tickets-New-York/venue/107

September 13 (Tuesday), Austin at SPEAKEASY
Doors open 6:00 p.m./all ages
412D Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701
Tickets http://www.speakeasyaustin.com/

The Pillows have performed several times in the United States since 2005. The band also held a tour in the United States and Mexico in 2006. They later appeared at Anime Boston in 2008, followed by a tour of California in May of 2010.
Koji Yamamura's Muybridge's Strings trailer

Koji Yamamura's Muybridge's Strings trailer

Japanese website Cinema Today began streaming a 98-second trailer for "Muybridge's Strings," the latest anime short by Oscar-nominated animator Koji Yamamura ("Mt. Head," "Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor"). The trailer has different footage from the shorter trailer that Telefilm Canada streamed in May.

Telefilm Canada gave the following description of the story: "The destiny of photographer Eadweard Muybridge and that of a Japanese mother clash poetically in this exploration of the irrepressible human desire to make time stand still." The 14-minute short premiered at the Cannes Film Market, which ran in May in France alongside the more well-known Cannes Film Festival. It will then open at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography on September 17.

WOW. Just beautiful.

Source: ANN

♥ YuuriC - Lighting FFXIII-2

Ryea : I came know more about YuuriC's cosplay was through her tutorial link on Lighting Costume.
Been following the progress till it's done
It's really superb to have this chracter for first time making amour.
Cosplay is always about taking challege - I agree!
She and her twin sister , Yuuri-K cosplayed as Lighting and Sera in Otakon2011
which both characters are also sisters .. cute! ~ =D

Lighting [FFXIII-2] by YuuriC

Ryea: What is cosplay to you ?

YC: To me cosplay is a hobby where you have fun portraying your favorite characters/series and having fun with other cosplayers. It's also a family thing; both of my sisters enjoy anime, games, Japanese culture in general.

Ryea: What attracts you to cosplay Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII-2 ?

YC: At first I cosplayed Serah from FFXIII, because I found her so cute! Once I saw the new Lightning design from FFXIII-2, I immediately fell in love with it. I also began to like that badass character of her. So far, I enjoyed cosplaying her more than Serah.

Ryea: From the Lighting's overall costume, which is the most challenging part?

YC: It was my first time making an armor cosplay so it was a challenge. The hardest part was the pauldron and lower leg armor. In the end I made the pauldrons a bit too heavy. I had trouble getting the shape right. The method I used to make the lower leg armors was a pain to wear, I remade it twice and I still had trouble getting in them.

Ryea: and what will be the most favorite part?

YC: My favorite part was making the props. I didn't have much trouble with them.
It was actually really fun!

Ryea: How long does it take to complete the whole costume?

YC: I started early February after I completely sketched out the armor designs.
It took me about 6 months of on and off work to complete the entire costume.

Ryea: Any good/funny/memorable experience when you cosplay Lighting?

YC: My first debut was at Otakon ’11 and I thought it would be my last after I endured so much pain.
The high heels shoes I used were a disaster and the heat during Otakon '11 was terrible (100+ degrees Fahrenheit)! Though with all that pain and heat, I had fun and I won't forget the memories. My first step down the stairs of my hotel made me crash to the sliding doors. My gunblade broke, I was upset and I was late to my shoot.
I laughed about it after. When walking to the convention I was basically laughing to ignore my pain.
I was so happy that I had many lovely FFXIII cosplayers take pictures with me.
The best moments were when I left people astonished that I used craft foam. It's nice to hear the positive comments from everyone, I won't forget them!

Ryea: I see that you used craft foam as the main material for Lighting armor.
Do you think that craft foam is the best material to work on for armour? or is there better alternatives?

YC: I haven't tried other materials yet, I found craft foam easy to use. My problem was the creases it made when wearing it. I've been searching on what to use to help it not give in. So far, I'm thinking of using fiberglass resin (epoxy) on top of the craft foam.

Ryea: How and what have you think you've improved from since you started cosplay?

YC: It all takes lots of practice. I think I've improved in many aspects since I started. I'm much faster at sewing and making props. I've also have become somewhat less shy with photographers and meeting other cosplayers. I'm still learning many new things, so there's a lot of space for improvement.

Ryea: Any tips to share?

YC: It takes patience, creativity, and maybe months or years of practice to make cosplays. But most of all motivation! Nothing is perfect, so nobody should stress themselves too much. Everyone should have fun with cosplay and stay with the right crowd that enjoys cosplaying. Never give up!

HIKARI III Fira de cultura japonesa

Hola a todos! :)

Como dije en mi entrada anterior hoy os hablaré de Hikari. 

Qué es Hikari?

Hikari es una feria de cultura japonesa inspirada en los natsu matsuri (festivales veraniegos que se celebran en Japón).

Qué encontramos en Hikari?

Más de 17 stands relacionados con la cultura japonesa: gastronomía, artes tradicionales, vestuario, juegos de habilidad y productos del Japón a la venda.
Aparte de todo esto en el escenario se harán una serie de demostraciones de artes marciales, y en la sala polivalente se realizará una sesión de iniciación a la meditación zen y una explicación de cuentos tradicionales japoneses.

En resumen, día 3 de septiembre a las 17 de la tarde todos para Reus!!

Por qué os hablo de Hikari?

Hikari es organizada por AMAKUNI, Asociación de Manga Anime y Cultura Nipona, soy una de los socios fundadores, y formo parte del staff. Os animo a todos a que vengáis y que disfrutéis de una tarde rodeada de la magia de la cultura japonesa :).

Este año yo me haré cargo del stand de OMIKUJI (predicción del futuro) e iré vestida como una sacerdotisa japonesa :'), el traje me lo presta Ayu (arigato *0*).

Me hace mucha ilu ir vestida así, aunque me da un poco de penica porqué no podré llevar mi querido yukata rojo T.T, pero bueno, es por una buena causa xD.

Las fotos las he robado del facebook de Àngel (su flickr) y de la web de AMAKUNI, también dejo la web de HIKARI, para que podáis informaros sobre los horarios de las actividades y todo lo que queráis saber ^^-.

Me despido ^^

New Rurouni Kenshin will be a remake

Yes, it has been confirmed that the new anime series of Rurouni Kenshin will be a remake of the classic Shin Kyoto Hen (New Kyoto Arc), in which Kenshin ultimately fought Makoto Shishio. The only difference is that it will be told from Misao's perspective O.o.

If anything, this is not a exact remake, but a Rewrite a la Death Note.

Original RuroKen anime director Kazuhiro Furuhashi is directing the animation at Studio Deen, the studio which produced the RuroKen motion picture and OVAs. The first of the two new OVA episodes will premiere theatrically this December. The 1996 TV series voice cast will reprise their roles with the exception of Ken Narita who will play Hajime Saito in place of original voice actor Hirotaka Suzuoki.

Source: ANN

Gintama 2nd movie will be distributed by Warner Bros Japan

Film journalist Hiroo Otaka has reported that Warner Brothers Japan will distribute the tentatively titled Gintama 2 anime film. Otaka added that the production schedule and release date of the new work are still to be decided.

Maybe for 2012?

Saint Young Men manga put on hiatus due to pregnancy of the author

Wow, just when I began to read this hilarious and hysterical manga.

'This year's 49th issue of Kodansha's Morning 2 magazine announced on Monday that the Saint Young Men manga is going on hiatus due to the pregnancy of the manga's creator, Hikaru Nakamura. The hiatus will begin with the next issue on September 22. Although the manga's return date has not been set yet, Nakamura told readers in her margin notes that she is aiming to returning as soon as possible. The manga imagines if Buddha and Jesus shared a low-rent Tokyo apartment.

Nakamura has been drawing Saint Young Men in Morning 2 since 2006 and the sixth compiled book volume shipped in December. Nakamura also created the Arakawa under the bridge manga, which has been running in Square Enix's Young Gangan magazine since 2004.'

Source: ANN

Aizen = Jose Maria Aznar without the mustache?

You're all going to call me weird and all sort of names for this, but I've always though that Captain Aizen from Bleach gives a similar air to that of the Spanish politician and former President of Spanish Governement Jose Maria Aznar, just without the mustache.

Maybe it's the hair? But Aznar doesn't have a spitcurl. What about the hairline? The nose? The expression? If anything, author Tite Kubo made very sure that the key villain (or not?) in his series looked very Spanish, to go along with the theme of 'Hueco Mundo'.

New Black Rock Shooter anime announced!

It will air in the Nnoitamina slot of Fuji TV in January of next year. While studio Ordet will animate the production, director Yutaka Yamamoto of the original OVA will not be associated with the project.

Hmm not sure what to make of this, I don't necessarily want to imply that there will be a decrease in quality until I see the first trailer, right?

Even AnimeNation's commenter notes that 'This production was easy to see coming, but airing this as a Noitamina series seems to outright contradict the original purpose and theme of Noitamina programming. The Noitamina block was launched to feature anime targeted at non-otaku viewers. BRS is about as hardcore otaku-oriented as anything gets.'

Celebrating K-ON! Ritsu’s Birthday

K-ON! is a very popular anime and  some K-ON! fans celebrated her birthday. Nice!

Hundreds of people queuing to get some birthday items and some limited edition Ritsu trinkets at on her birthday. They queuing in the rain at 6AM, some people also camping out all night for collection acquisition.