Kamisama no Memochou anime review

This was a 2011 series that started out great with the quality, but that had an anticlimatic finale. It is also known as 'Heaven's Memo Pad', or 'God's Notebook'.

An adaptation of the light novels by Hikaru Sugii, the story revolves around Alice, a NEET freelance detective who solves complicated and unussual cases in the Tokyo underground. Her age is unknown but she is way more mature than what she looks.

She is drawn very moe, but her intelligence and deduction capacity is similar to L from Death Note.

She meets Narumi through his classmate Ayaka, and Min, the attendant and owner of a ramen shop called Hanamaru, left by her father. Narumi is a 16 year old high school student who has become isolated and introverted because of the constant school transfers. Ayaka is his only friend through the gardening club.

When he meets Alice, he is skeptic and somehow despective of NEETs. He also meets her team of NEET Detectives in the back of the ramen store's alley: Shosa, a military otaku; Tetsu, an ex-boxer with connections to the police and Hiro, a bishonen gigolo/pimp character who has a net's worth of connections for research.

But the message is clear: you don't have to be an 'active, officially working' member of society to make a significant contribution to humanity. It's the small things that matter. In that sense, Alice is a memorable character to make a statement for NEET.

NEET is a way of life.

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