Tsuritama fishing anime 2nd promo streamed

Another great series I'm looking forward to. It will premiere on April 12, on Fuji TV's Noitamina slot.

This is the link to their official site where you can see the spot (opens in new window):

Finally there's more detail on the premise: this seishun/adolescent fishing story is set on the island of Enoshima in the Shōnan area south of Tokyo, and it follows four idiosyncratic youths: the one-quarter French, uncommunicative high school student Yuki (Ryota Ohsaka), the fishing enthusiast and self-proclaimed alien Haru (Miyu Irino), the island native Natsuki (Kouki Uchiyama), and the mysterious Indian Akira (Tomokazu Sugita) with his constant duck companion Tapioca.

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