Baby steps.

I've been toying with the idea of  creating a cosplay blog since more or less a year and a half ago, when I went back to the cosplay world after a small "haitus" of two years without sewing any outfit or anything.
My main problem about creating this blog was that I wanted to make it a helpful blog. Since forever, I think internet is flooded with too many fashion, make-up, life-style or 'hi-this-is-my-face' kind of blogs of all fashion styles and different kind of people and I didn't want mine to become another one.

So basically after thinking too much, and talking about it with friends too much, (even if all this thinking went to the name of the blog and the url to be quite honest. orz) I decided that I wanted this blog to be all about the progress of the outfits I'm working on, along with tips on hair, make-up, wigs and all other things related to cosplaying.
I'm not a make-up artist, neither a hairdresser or something similar, neither I excelled my sewing skills completely, but what I learnt from other blogs with tutorials is that every little help is also a help, so I hope I can just help or just being interesting for people who are either cosplayers themselves or just simply interested in cosplay. 

My upcoming projects are Toshiya's Yokan outfit and working on the tail and the wigs of the Mitsu To Tsuba/Gauze/Whatever you want to call it, Toshiya's cosplay I did for the last Manga convention in Barcelona past year.

Meanwhile, these are the places where you can find me.

IIID-Empire (DeviantArt)

And not cosplay related but I'm always surfing around there if you're interested, my tumblr.

I hope to be back soon with pics!

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