Train tickets to Desucon + other stuff

Mom bought me some slate blue fabric paint for my Ichito cosplay today from that one hobby shop in town. I noticed there's lots of stuff in there that you can use for cosplay making. :D Later when me and mom were buying food in Prisma she bought me a "con travel bag" too so I don't have to use that big new-ish one she originally bought for us all to use. Yay! And also yesterday I was ordering train tickets online for Desucon and when I was about to pay for them a wild mom appeared in my room and she gave me her credit card. :S So yeah, she paid my train trip even though at first it had seemed I'll pay for it myself. Oh well, I don't complain that mom is feeling so generous. xD But today I've been cleaning the house the whole day with her, bgfjkdkjhdk my body is dying. lol

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