Ichito's 'flap' pt.4

Finally some progress on my Ichito cosplay... it has been 2 weeks before last time I sewed on it. Gah, did I mention I'm starting to feel the Desu-panic?

Oh well... the 'flap'. Last time I worked on it I screwed up and had to unstitch the lining. This time it went way better because I started sewing the two pieces together from a different spot than before, so I avoided the whole "oh shit the side seams doesn't match!!1" crap.
So first off I started at one of the side seams and sewed down one side of the 'flap'.

I am seewiiing, I am seewiiiiiing, mooore cosplaaaaysss, to the coooons~
And after that I repeated the process but from the other side. Then I sewed the sides of the 'back flap' too, although I left the bottom parts of both front and back 'flaps' open and the whole upper part.

Turned it right side out...
Eeew it's so... bumpy and just not flat and pretty. The sides of the 'flap' wanted to turn backwards all the time... so it was time to pick up the straightening iron...

After some ironing it looks better..
When I tried to iron the side seams, which by the way are narrow and upside down V-formed, the lining kept wrinkling itself. Bah. Mom came to the rescue and cut some small slits on the curved egdes of the lining and helped me iron those tricky parts. After that I stitched around the edges so it would hold its shape and not go shkfkds.

Stitched egdes (flash photo)
I did turn in the ends and close the bottom half of the 'back flap', although I have no photos of that. I have left to close the bottom of the front 'flap' and the upper part and then I need to come up with a way to keep it attached to my body; I'm not sure if the obi and the clothes under it will keep it in place by itself...

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