Ichito's 'flap' pt.5

Feels like I've been working on this thing forever... and I'm still not done.
Oh well, today I got the bottom of the front 'flap' sewn closed so a little bit closer to finish it. So I started by folding in the edges like I did on the back piece some time ago. I had started sewing it closed half-way when I noticed that it derped.

Not cool...
Turned out the lining is a bit too short so the white fabric made this fugly bump in the corner that was just eww do not want.

So my plan A didn't work out on the front as well as it did on the back piece. Let me show:

My original plan (finished back piece)
So when that didn't work I went and asked mom for advice and she said to try and fold the front (with the paintings) over to the lining side and nothing more. It did seem to work after a pinning test.

Pinning front to check...
And then just sew. I folded in the excess lining neatly (it was longer) and then folded the front slightly over the folded lining.

Lining side of the front
Front of the... well, front
After that I stroked the lining to try and get out bumps and shit and pinned it in place, at the top part, so that later I can sew the lining completely attached.

Pinning lining..
But I have one problem... I can't decide do I want to do a wide elastic on the top so it stays on my hips or if I want to do some kind of ties...

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