Immortal spirit's ninja pants pt.4

Finished my 'ninja pants' today. So here is today's progress ~
First off I continued with the ties. I ironed them prior to sewing to make life a bit easier.

Ironed and ready for the sewing machine
Started sewing, folding in the edges...
 And several meters of ties later I just had left to pin it onto the pant's top part and sew it on.

Front pinned
I made sure to cover the "pleat seam" on both the front and back. That's why the ties are not as wide on the body...

Front sewn (back pinned)
And after that I had a pair of almost complete 'ninja pants' for our immortal but kinda psycho spirit.. namely Ichito. xD

Now I need to make the feet wrappings and also finish the 'flap' and after that I'm off to try and find another dark blue fabric for his kimono because, as I said earlier, I didn't find more of that one we already had at home. So I will most likely have to buy a whole different fabric.

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