Costume Supercenter is hosting a cosplay contest for Comic-Con 2012

Costume Supercenter is hosting a cosplay contest for Comic-Con 2012

There will be a $1000 shopping spree and a $500 cash prize awarded to the winner. You don't even have to attend Comic-Con to qualify. I'd probably buy a slew of superhero costumes to debut at the next convention I go to. What would you do with the winnings? Check out all the details by clicking below:

Desucon 7 (Norway) ft. Noel Kreiss

*Photo's in this entry is credited Ali Jehad and one by Cecil August

Thursday the 21th of June, me and 5 friends embarked on a trip to Oslo, to attend Desucon 7.
I've been really excited about this con, just because it's Desucon and it's in Norway and I just love the Norwegian people, everything is just amazing there, alright?
Also to meet up with the people I bonded with last year.

But before I get into the people, let's get into my cosplay, Noel Kreiss is.... 80% finished, finished enough to wear.
I've realized my flaws and the things I need to re-do and make better for Genki.
Since I didn't manage to finish the embroidery for the pants this time, my lovely girl found me a temporary replacement, which I am very happy about. I also didn't get to make the wings and text on the back of his shirt, but that'll also be made.
I wanted to make the pants in Suede, but now I'm not so sure, because these are so comfortable, and I like the color with the top, and also just the movements of the pants. Oh well, we'll see.
This was also my first time doing open shirt binding, which felt super strange, but there was zero pain involved.

My proportions gets a little weird, but that's to be expected with pants like that, and also.. THAT DARN LEATHER THREAD GOD

My amazing group, everybody just looked so fucking.. HNGH <3 So proud of everybody and I just think we represented really well.
My bff, Hayes, had finished his first cosplay as Maqui, he made everything himself and I'm just loving that cosplay on him.
Zuum managed to finish her Lebreau in tme, and this cosplay got so much loving at the con I don't even.
My lovely girl, Mie, wore her Serah, and it was also the first time I saw it in real life, worn, and oh god, she always does such a fantastic job

If I could just learn to straighten my back, so I didn't look like a midget, everything would be good xD

This weekend I also had a lot of Star Wars feels, and they were pretty amazing as always. Half of my joy about Desucon, is that Nordic Garrison is there, and I'm just really happy about having Zuum there to share my emotional overload!

All in all, this con was just amazing. Friendships grew closer, and met amazing Norwegian and British people.
Random dancing, 'with my penis'-jokes, late night drinking with the crew and hanging out at the central station before leaving.
The weather could've been better, but that's the single worst thing that happen, so not too bad.

Como hice el cosplay de Natsu (armaduras 2, accesorios y parte textil)

Hi!!!!! voy a intentar seguir con la explicación de lo que me falta de Natsu, que ya ha pasado mucho tiempo y me vais a querer matar xD, dejo las otras 3 entradas donde hablo de ella:

- Como hice las katanas/cuchillos (lo que sea xD)
- Como hice los pollos y las plumitas (armaduras 1)
- Como hice la peluca

Voy a ir más rápido ya que en otra entradas ya he explicado como hacerlo paso a paso y aquí seguí exactamente el mismo método.

1. Protecciones de las piernas:

Imágen de referencia junto con el resultado final

mil y un agujeros -o-

me quedó un poco torcido xD

Pasé el cordón

Y me quedó el lío más grande del mundo xD
Le puse las bolitas monas :3

RESULTADO FINAL (aunque estas no son las plumitas)

2. Hombrera:

Imagen de referencia y resultado final

Aquí está sin envejecer

Ligeramente envejecido (me gustaba más :D)

Las protecciones que lleva en la cadera son casi iguales que las hombreras, así que no pongo nada de ellas.

3. Florecillas monas ( xD)

Primero hice la plantilla y después lo pasé a goma eva

Lo corté, lo pegué y entre los pétalos le di un ligero bajorelieve

Imprimación, sprayazo de dorado y envejecido con pincel seco

4. Gettas

Con esto tuve dilemas, tenía unas gettas perfectas, que compré cuando fui a Japón, pero no quería desrtozarlas, así que me dediqué a buscar otras, pero al final terminé usando las que ya tenía y las forré cutremente :S, puestas quedaban bien por suerte jajaj

Forrada y sin forrar

5. Plumitas y joyas por todas partes xD

Como dice el título, Natsu lleva joyas y plumas por todas partes, aunque nadie se de cuenta, ahí están XD

En las protecciones de las piernas, por la parte de detrás lleva una en cada pierna, en la espalda lleva otra y en la cabeza.
Para esto junté 3 plumitas y les di con dorado el degradado

5. Las mil y una sujeciones (xD)

Para esta parte me las tuve que ingeniar muchísimo!!! ya que Natsu lleva las vainas flotando textualmente -o-, y claro no se podían ver ni correas ni cosas raras, me hice un sistema de cintas y velcros nunca visto xD

Tengo el zentai lleno de agujeritos donde pasan las correas por dentro, pero el resultado es genial! las vainas flotan! xDD

6. Parte textil

Esto fue de lo primerísimo que hice, no tiene casi nada de parte textil este cosplay así que me resultó la mar de fácil, hice los guantes separados de las mangas (error!), los calcetines con un dedo xD, me hizo mucha gracia hacerlos y el zentai.

Primera prueba, luego lo ajusté un pelín más

Le puse las partes de polipiel, y los adornitos (las perlitas, las mil perlas..)

7. Lentillas

Natsu tiene los ojos de un color que no me quedó muy claro xD yo los veo como rosa, color miel, gris xD en resumen que me cogí unas rosasmarrón xD creo que al final fueron perfectísimas ^^

Últimamente solo pido lentillas en Pinkie Paradise, me encantan <3

Imagen de refenrencia

Foto de la modelo de la web

Mi jeta XD

8. Momento orgásmico (?)

Verlo todo terminado encima del sofá T^T

Dejo un par de fotacas de resultado final by Jesus Clares

Decir que he tardado mucho más en hacer el cosplay de Natsu que el de Gwendolyn xD, Natsu está llena de detallitos que a simple vista no se aprecian T.T, el rojo es un color que no me termina de gustar, pero misteriosamente en cosplays me encanta <3, me lo pasé genial como Natsu ^^ espero que en París sea igual de divertido!

Ya me quedan poquitas entradas del retraso general que llevo T.T gracias por la paciencia! T^T

Un besazo!

The art of Zodcore Comics

I wanted to feature my great friend Zodcore and the joy always present in his art!

This is his blog:

More detailed information about him:
 "One afternoon in 2001 I was watching Superman 2 on a local cable channel. The main protagonist was named General ZOD and I thought, that is a HARDCORE name! Then it came to me, because of thinking of the word ,HARDCORE. Took out the word hard and replaced it with ZOD, ZODCORE. I made it my email, thought it sounded cool". 

His current main work is The Taskmasters. Check it out!


In the middle of a crisis, simple words get you back in the game!

Love his use of contrasts and angles, his works have his own spunk, as if it were his own music you were listening to. 

MangoSlice: a community for aspiring OEL manga artists!

I wanted to especially recommend this beautifully constructed forum that serves as a learning resource, as well as a way to connect with fellow artists that want to get their manga project out there.

This is their premise:

" is a forum that encourages the growth of writers and illustrators who aspire to create original English language manga (or “Mango”).
If you're training to become a writer or artist to create Mango then this place is for you!
 Here we: 
-Respect manga as a medium for storytelling. -Respect the culture that manga has come from as well as the culture that manga had spawned.-Acknowledge that without a good foundation we will never make something worth reading. -Acknowledge that even in manga there is ample room for improvement and innovation. -Our goal is to elevate the perception of manga style comics all over the world.-To show that there is more to manga than just the art style and crazy expressions. -We aim to bring a close to an era where much of OEL manga are just a shallow imitations of Japanese comics and to remind us all what manga is really about; to tell a beautiful story."
Here's their link:

With the way digital publishing is slowly changing the concept of manga publishing, even in Japan itself, an uprise in great digital OEL manga is not too far ahead :)

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Medaka Box will have a second season!

Next week’s issue of Shonen Jump magazine will formally confirm rumors from last spring that the Medaka Box anime television series from Gainax will get a second season. The series’ first 12-episode season has just finished its Japanese broadcast. 

 Source: ANN
Code: Breaker teaser! Premieres on October!

Code: Breaker teaser! Premieres on October!

About time this series got an anime adaptation!

 The official website for the upcoming Code:Breaker television series has added a 30-second teaser. The “dark hero” supernatural action series based on the current manga by Samurai Deeper Kyo creator Akimine Kamijyo is being animated by Kinema Citrus. Yasuhiro Irie (Kurau) is directing for an October premiere.

 source: ANN

Binbougami ga! Trailer, premieres on July 4

The adaptation of Yoshiaki Sukeno’s gag comedy revolves around a poverty goddess who tries to eliminate a perpetually happy human girl. The show will premiere on July 4.
 Looks amusing, let's check it out.
Kishimoto: "Naruto Manga Is 'Rising Towards Its Climax'"

Kishimoto: "Naruto Manga Is 'Rising Towards Its Climax'"

The cover of the first Naruto tankōbon release...

The author indicated in a brief snippet that appeared in the Asahi Shimbun  newspaper that he already has an ending in mind for Naruto and that from now on, the story is heading towards that direction. "The series is rising towards its climax at its current point", he added.

Kishimoto has been serializing the ninja manga in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 1999, and Shueisha published the 60th compiled book volume in Japan last month. Viz Media will publish the 57th volume in North America next month.  

source: ANN

Could this be a hint that Shueisha could be planning to end Naruto and Bleach simultaneously in one edition?
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Japan passes law that criminalizes illegal downloading as well as DVD ripping

Japan passes law that criminalizes illegal downloading as well as DVD ripping

English: The entrance to the Chamber of the Ho...

The spot of controversy this week, Japan's House of Councillors passed a bill into law that covers a variety of issues regarding the usage of documents and digital content. 233 of the Diet's 242 members cast votes on the law: 221 for and 12 against.

 As the bill had already passed the Diet's House of Representatives last Friday, the law will go into force on October 1. The law includes sections outlawing the "ripping" of content, for personal use, that involves the bypassing of digital copy protection such as the CSS system on DVDs.

 The law also includes a section added in committee that imposes a penalty to the already illegal act of knowingly downloading copyrighted material without permission, and those charged with illegal downloading will now face up to two years of prison or fines of up to 2 million yen (about US$25,400). The law also obligates national and local governments to educate minors on illegal download prevention.
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Photoshoot Lili Rocherfort (Tekken) por AOJ

Huuuuooooola :D
Hace ya casi 2 meses xD me hice esta sesión con mi queridísimo Àngel, por la mañana nos fuimos al jardín de mi casa a hacer fotos de Lili Rochefort del Tekken, y por la tarde junto con mi love Mina de Panty & Stocking (weee~~ porfiiiiiiin! después de un año!!! hemos hecho las fotos!), de momento tengo muchas más retocadas de Lili así que haré primero un pack con estas.

Conforme Àngel me pasa más iré actualizando esta entrada ^_^

Espero que os gusten tanto como a mi!

Un beso!!