Black Jack manga by Osamu Tezuka will get Canadian live action adaptation

Entertainment One, the Toronto-based company that co-produces AMC’s Hell on Wheels and Syfy’s Haven, is developing a live-action television series based on Osamu Tezuka’s classic manga Black Jack.

Deadline reports that Taka Ichise and Doug Davison, who worked together on the U.S. adaptations of The Ring and The Grudge, will executive produce for eOne. Debuting in 1973, Black Jack centers on a medical mercenary who sells his formidable skills to the highest bidder, treating everyone from crime lords to political leaders to common citizens.

With his stitched-up face and cape, Black Jack is a shadowy figure with a complex moral code who, if moved by a patient’s story, will treat them for free, and donates much of his money to charity. The manga was serialized until 1983, and has been adapted several times in animated form for Japanese television and film.

They'll need one hell of an actor to play the main character in order for this to work.

 Source: Spin-off online
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