Wig head and ponytail...

Yesterday in school I noticed that in the art classroom there was three white styrofoam heads on the table with the markers. I can't remember seeing them there before and when I asked the teacher if I could borrow one she said she got them from another teacher and that I could borrow one as long as I returned it. Yay!

So now I had a temporary wig head... so I decided to detangle my Hijikata wig and after it was all tanglefree and awesome try to put it in a ponytail using this tutorial... LOLNOPE.
So well, at the start it seemed like it could work even though I have no fucking clue how the person who made the tutorial managed to get step 3 to be so smooth. But I still continued even though I had what looked more like a lumpy raven's nest than a wig. When I was almost done I looked closer on the creation and.. I noticed that I was wearing my pants inside out. BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT I WAS ABOUT TO SAY. I was about to say that... that... TABLEFLIP!! (ノ °益°)ノ 彡 ┻━┻

I undid everything and cut off the hairties because I couldn't get them off any other way. Lovely, my wig was tangled again and I had wasted around 4 hours first on detangling it and then trying to put it up only to be back on square one + my room was a mess, I had lost a fair bunch of wig fibers from all the combing, my back hurt and my pants were still on inside out.

After the inner raging I tried to detangle parts of the wig again. But.

No but seriously, I cut the wig shorter because I had been thinking about doing that anyway since after Kemi's manga day...

Before cutting
Showing the difference
After cutting
 Yeah.. that's it for today. Lesson learnt: don't ever try to put a long wig into a ponytail again, you will want to kill something.. possibly with fire. A medium length wig might be fine though... This also means that I will just do Hijikata at Skecon too with his hair untied.. if Chizuru is bored she can braid it... braid!Hijikata. And I also noticed there's only 10 days left before Skecon and I'm only about half-way done with Falkner and I still need to buy the bus tickets. Wonderful.

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