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Ryeain : There're many awesome Trinity Blood cosplayers out there, with those accuracy on each and every details made. From overall that I've seen one I liked much is Adelhaid's Lilith Sahl. It's a very detail piece, and the wings are the ones that I love the most, size itself was not too big yet not too small. She have potray Lilith very well, by bringing out the elegant and wise look of Lilith~

Ryea : What is cosplay to you?

A: Cosplay is my favorite hobby. It is a way to have fun and to make friends with creative people.

Ryea: What interest you to cosplay Trinity Blood characters?

A: I am fond of Tores Shibamoto art to the Trinity Blood novels. Her works drew my attention when I saw them for the first time. After that I've read the available translation of the novels made by Russian fans. I can't say that I liked all in this story, but some characters and their relationships are really very interesting.

Lilith Sahl was the fourth of the test tube babies created for the Mars Colonization Project and the prototype for other children - Abel, Cain and Seth. The eldest and most merciful she was the only one Crusnik (in this novel it is not only the vampire that drinks the blood of other vampires but also the result of nanomachine injection) who sided with humanity during the war between earthmen and the Mars colonists who turned into the Methuselah (vampires). Her quiet confidence, ability to empathize and gentle beauty win the reader. Though she was killed by her brother Cain she could convince Abel to change his attitude to people. This are the events preceding the main line of the novels. But they have affected greatly one of the protagonists, so it was very interesting to read parts that were dedicated to Lilith.

I decided to make her cosplay for one of Moscow festivals to accompany my friends who were making Abel and Cain. This dress was the most detailed and beautiful from the costumes that had colored illustrations. So I've chosen it.

Ryea: From looking at Lilith costume, which is the most challenging part ?

A: The collar and the corset. I had no idea how to make the pattern for them as they have unusual shape. The corset has a figured cut, so I had to make a metal plate to keep the form. Besides it fixes the wings, so it has metall parts behind also. And the collar's pattern was a real problem. First I made something very uncomfortable. Now when I read comments where people worry that wearing the collar must be painfull I always smile. This collar is much better than the first monster.

Ryea: Which would be the most favorite part of the overall costume?

A: I think the claws and the wings. The claws are just beautiful. And the wings are so pleasant to touch as they are made from feathers.

Ryea: How long does it take to complete the whole costume?

A: It is hard to count the time now. About two months maybe.

Ryea: Any good/funny/memorable experience when you cosplay Lilith?

A: I was the body art model in some parts of this costume on The Needlework Formula exibition in Moscow. There were no cosplayers there so people called me an angel, a fairy and so on all day long. And then one groop recognized Lilith's wings. It was such a surprise.

Ryea: Do you think it is a must to follow each and every detail from the original artwork when making a costume?

A: I think, if you are going to make something you need to do your best. Not only in cosplay. Sometimes you can make details more complicated if you know that it will suit the whole image.

Ryea: Some said that a true cosplayer always choose to self made the costume or props
instead of commission others to do it. If there is, they're just models not cosplayers.
What do you think?

A: I don't know why it is interesting to people to buy costumes one by one if they cosplay regularly. They lose one of the most charming parts of this hobby. The creation of new things. But I understand when someone who usualy don't cosplay and have no sewing skills orders the costume of his favorite character.

Ryea: How and what have you think you've improved from making Lilith Costume?

A: My perseverance and patience increased.

Ryea: Will you have more plans for Trinity Blood characters in the future?

A: I am sewing my Esther dress just now. I'll finish it in the end of the month.

Ryea: Any tips to share?

A: People arround you are your real treasure. Cosplay is a good occasion to make friends with them!

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