♥ Reika - Origami Tiger&Bunny

Ryea : Thank you Reika again for replying my another interivew about her Origami Cyclone cosplay.
I felt that it's a must to share about her awesome Origami costume. So far, this is the best costume I've seen.
The craftmanship is good and a very wise material choice for Origami's costume.
And of course this work is nearly similar to the original one we seen in the anime!~

Ryea: What attracts you to cosplay ORIGAMI CYCLONE from T&B ?

R: I love the works and I love the clothes production.
The design of ORIGAMI is excellent. Therefore, came the desire to make it.

Ryea: From ORIGAMI overall costume, which is the most challenging part?
R: It is the dirk on the back Origami's outfit.手裏剣!

Ryea: How long does it take to complete ORIGAMI (HERO outfit) whole costume?
R: It takes two weeks.

Ryea: Any good/funny/memorable experience when you cosplay ORIGAMI?

R: It is a pleasure when the costume is completed.

Ryea: What have you improved after completing ORIGAMI's HERO costume?

R: Making a mask.

Ryea: In your opinion, do you think that a best cosplay must have much accuracy and similarity to the original artwork?
R: Following as much as the original is an individual liberty.
The original artwork is expected to be a good direction for the costume production.

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