Ryeain :
Serious love for Hybridre photography style!~
Love how every photo is fulled with story and emotions, as if the character come to live.
Day and Night shoots are captured spectacularly and angles are of course perfectly captured too.
Indeed a very young age with great achievements, can I say it's talent? but yes, behind those awesome photographs does lies a whole long journey of learning process.I fav more than a single shoot in the gallery.. you guys should really take a look !!!
Oh ya, a great cosplayer too =D

photos by hybridre

Ryea : What type of camera do you use in capturing those awesome photos?

I mainly use my cannon 400D
with a lens and a 50mm 1.8 lens, sometimes my friend 4j would borrow me a 16-35mm2.8 or 12-24mm4.5 lens, I'm totally a wide angle fan XD

Ryea : What inspires you to start photography?

The eager to capture the touching moments of my friends.

Ryea : What makes you to continue in photography with passion?

The achievement of bringing those surreal characters into reality,
words can't express my joy when I managed to restore my favorite works with the right composition, lighting and location setting.
Besides, cosplay is a good way to deepen the relationship with my pals, we had great fun and knew each other better at the same time.

Ryea : Which is your most satisfied/favorite shot so far?

I have to say there're many shots I love but it's difficult to pick out the best one.
I tried different styles according to the works and it's impossible for me to compare between totally different things. I may want to leave this question to you guys XD

Ryea : Which photo you've taken is the most challenging? why?

The experience of taking BACCANO shoot, upon a real train at night.
And shooting APH battles, within a heavy snow are probably the most impressive memories for m, both are under very very tough environment and there wasn't any thoughts in my brain at that time, I just pressed the shutter on instinct. It was great fun though~

Ryea : What's your goal achievement in photography?

Keep creating something new and interesting~

Ryea : Who do you look up to or inspires you?

www.pixiv.net - you can fild all styles of pictures in this site
Dogs by Shirow Miwa - I learn a lot from the storyboard, the special angles, how to shoot fighting scenes, etc. I feel my soul and aesthetic sense resonate to the work in many ways.

Ryea : Any advise to those new starter or interested in photography?

Try as many ways to take photos as possible, and own one or two distinct style~
Step out of your comfort zone, delete those exposure correctly and composed steadily but flat and dull photos. Editing is important too.

Ryea : Lastly, what do you think about Let's Cosplay this blog?

It's like a magazine about cosplay to me, it's trilling for me to be featured XD

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