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Ryeain :
Am attracted by her Sheryl cosplays.. real good!!
[Macross Frontier-Medley] it does look as if real sheryl is recording in studio..awesome-ness
and of course, her crossplays are ..hawt too!~ *points rokudo Mukuro
Other than that, she's a superb photographer too! Her landscape shots are pretty!! ahh~


Ryea: What is COSPLAY to you?
Bringing something fictional to reality.

Ryea: When do you first started to cosplay?

Ryea: How many characters have you cosplayed so far ?
I don't count them.

Ryea: Which is your favorite character that you've cosplayed?
Tough question! Hijikata Toshiro from Gintama if I have to choose.

Ryea: Which is your first character?
Sailor Pluto

Ryea: Which characters is in your future cosplay list?
More Sheryl Nome because I love her costumes!(*≧▽≦)

Ryea: Do you make your own costume & props ?
Yes. Most of my props are made by a good friend.

Ryea: What is your favorite part when cosplay?
When I looked into the dressing mirror after putting on the wig, makeup and costume.

Ryea: Any good/funny/memorable experience when you cosplay?
Taking pictures with many cute children when I am cosplaying as Sheryl Nome. I guess all little girls want to be a pop star when they grow up!(^▽^)

Ryea: How and what have you think you've improved from since you started cosplay?
Thicker makeup now haha (`∇´)

Ryea: Do you salute/idolize any cosplayer? Who?
I admire many people for their dedication to the art.

Ryea: Any tips to share?
CosPLAY. Never take out the play. If it isn't fun, don't do it.

What do you think the basic requirement a cosplayer should have?

I don't believe in this if you take cosplay as a hobby.

and 3 random questions :

1) Do you prefer more in crossplaying? *Alto is real hawt!!
I don't have a preference actually. It all boils down to if I like the character and his/her design.

2) How long does it take for Myoubi's makeup? *it's really epic eyelashes just like the manga
I took quite awhile to achieve that!

3) Do you like photography too? The landscape shot is very nice *thumbsupupup
I love taking pictures of beautiful things!

And lastly, what do you think about Let's Cosplay~?
Great site! Hope to see more cosplay photos on your site ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

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