Besides fangirl-ing her *coughs*howl*coughs* cosplay, Kira is one of those who I've often update with basically because I love the way she framed up the cosplayers in her photos, very straight forward and direct.


Ryea: What type of camera do you use in capturing those awesome photos?

Just Canon EOS450D. I'm only a beginner, so I don't think that I need a lot of equipment that I cant even fully use. So I just slowly learning the basics of photography and hope, someday I will be good enough to be called "pro".

Ryea: What inspires you to start photography?

My love for cosplay. I was cosplayer for many years, but each time when I was looking in photos I got feeling that something isn't right, that I see only costume on photo, but there are no special meaning, I don't feel anything looking on that. So I've decided to try bring that feeling to life through my own lens.

Ryea: What makes you to continue in photography with passion?

Its so naturally for me, that I even didn't think about that. How to say... Sometimes, of course when I am very depressed I got thoughts like "You need to stop that, you just can't do something nice", but than shiny days come, and I don't give a damn, ahaha.

Ryea: Which is your most satisfied/favorite shot so far?

Each time have something nice inside. Its like small epic stories. Most remarkable for me is Hetalia shoot, on the field covered with snow, but it's more about working in group, that about result. Now I am in love with night shoot that we made at Chengdu with Vocaloid-Durarara!!! crossover.

Ryea: Which photo you've taken is the most challenging to you?

I like to take photos in the dark. So, when I try to do that, each time it's a challenge. You need to do it in a place without any lights, you must made it nice-looking, and finally find your model in the dark room! Of course its not that simple...

Ryea: What aspect do you think that you have improved a lot since you started photography?

I don't know. My weak point is Technic. I dot many crazy ideas, but technically I am not that good, so I am trying to work on that part. I can tell that I become better, but still long way to go.

Ryea: What's your goal achievement in photography?

To be a pro. To tell the truth, my biggest dream is start taking fashion-photos, but I am far from that.

Ryea: Who do you look up to or inspires you?

Basically people who I met. I look on their faces and all I want is too capture that beauty. For me everyone is pretty. I think there are nothing more inspiring for portrait photographer, that people themselves.

Ryea: Any advise to those are new starter or interested in photography?

I think you need to practice more and more. As Chinese people says "Failure is mother of success". So, even if today you made something bad, you need to try tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the next day... and you will succeed for sure. Just believe in that. I saw a lot of people who got a very expensive equipment but cant do nothing with that. Just a plain photos... I think your own style is much more expensive than any lens. You can buy things, but can't buy talent.

** Itismoi : What do you think sets apart cosplay photography from the other portrait photography?

Cosplay is much more about pretty faces, I think. Only beautiful cosplayers usually considered as good one, people says that they "looks like characters" but I can call that "in our dreams we see anime characters as pretty person". Personally I prefer more artistic photos, that can describe much more about character, not only his clothes and face.

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