♥ Molly - Clare Claymore

Ryea : The first thing I saw her photo was 'WOW'.
I'm do really impressed by the gigantic claw -is it what it's called.
Wouldn't be thinking that someone did cosplay Clare's awakened version.
The photography is also great that it able to capture the whole costume plus emotions -thumbsup to the photog!~
And the favorite part about it is that knowing she complete this costume along with the help from her father.
Ahh~ happy to see that cosplay is becoming a part of family activity.

Clare [Claymore] by Molly

Ryea: What is cosplay to you ?

M: Well, I would say it's my lifestyle or the way thinking.

Ryea: What attracts you to cosplay Clare from Claymore?

M: I like Clare's personality and her appearence. The costumes are also interesting.
And I'm the same height as her, haha!

Ryea: From Clare's overall costume, which is the most challenging part? why?

M: First, I thought it would be difficult to make huge claws of the left 'arm'. But after they were finished,
I realized that the real problem is coloring. May be because it was the last and the longest part.

Ryea: and what will be the most favorite part?

M: Making 34 small crosses on the left side, that are barely seen in the photos.

Ryea: How long does it take to complete the whole costume?

M: It took about 6 months to finish awakened Clare's costume - my longest cosplay ever!
For example, usual Clare's costume was made in 1 month.

Ryea: Any good/funny/memorable experience when you cosplay Clare ?

M: When I was at the convention wearing this costume, I could walk through the hall only sideways
and people called me a crab, haha ))

Ryea: I'm really happy to see that this costume is made together with your dad.
What do you appreciate most through out this costume making process with your dad?

M: Dad knows a lot about materials and tools. Although most of the costume was made by me,
he helped a lot, for sure. Without his help this costume would never become real.

Ryea: How and what have you think you've improved from since you started cosplay?

M: I think I became more attentive to details. Because the details make costume look complete and beautiful.

Ryea: Any tips to share?

M: Just go and make it - your dream costume!

Thank you so much Molly !~

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