Store: Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet review

Wacom sure hit it out of the park with this affordable model, which soared rapidly to the Best Seller spot in Amazon for a price of around $66 ($64 on a good day).

If you want a drawing tablet that is not that big in surface, that can fit anywhere, but with the quality that Wacom is known for, then this ultra practical model is for you.

Wacom Bamboo Splash Tablet

With an active area of 5.8 inch x 3.6 inch, and 1024 levels of sensitivity, this tablet is just what you need for drawing, inking and coloring your manga illustrations or pages. What would normally take me one or two days to complete is taking me half a day now. If I'm really concentrated, 3 hours. You are going to notice the difference as soon as you get started and keep working.

I love that the package comes with ArtRage, which is, in my opinion, the most underrated painting software ever, right up there with Paint Tool SAI.

They managed to conjure a good, slim, catchy design of lime green and sleek black, and not complicating it much with the pen, which feels lightweight and comfortable. You get this item out of the box ready to work and create your magic with your artwork.

I previously used the Vistablet Pen Pad 7.7 inches, and compared to this Wacom model that I purchased for $20 more, I felt that I just got out of Hell, that I paid all my karma duties. And no, it's not that I have anything against Vistablet. It is a good option if you're starting out. But Wacom just beat them, approaching a strategy of catering to startups like us with the Splash model.

Think of the bruhaha when iPod Shuffle first came out. Think of how Apple should have really got out a more affordable iPhone years ago, and not now when Samsung is beating them in everything. Wacom is clever and they know what they are doing. Affordable and practical is the key now.

 Currently there is an offer of Wacom CTL471 Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet - Factory Refurbished with 1 year Warranty at only $47.95!
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