Preparando la peluca

Ula!! hoy he estado peinando la peluca de Euphemia, la voy a utilizar el lunes para un photoshoot ^.^
He estado un buen rato, la pobrecita estaba muy mal, la he llevado muchas veces con el kigurumi de vaca y no la había peinado ni una sola vez u_u
En la parte baja de la peluca le he puesto uns rulos para que queden tirabuzones, cuando quite el rulo le voy a dar una minicapa de cola blanca mezclada con agua para que no se desagan los tirabuzones :)

Si todo va bién tendría que quedar como en esta foto, que es cómo me quedó la primera vez :D


From Italy to America

If you know me.. and how I get around with doing my cosplays.
You know that I need about 2-3 projects outside the main ones.

I've done a little 'wigswap' thing, with Zuum's and got this orange wig. And I was browsing around for characters with orange hair, unfortunately.... there's not alot that I actually like, or just want to cosplay XD
So I settled for Italy, of Hetalia. He's portrayed mostly with brown hair, but on alot of photoes it's very lightbrown orange-ish, so I'm putting in brown streaks all over the wig.
So still VIP.

Also not making the 'official' outfit, but the Italian school uniform XD <3 (which means I'll make his hair more femme, due to him looking like a girl when he was younger XD)

 And also I'm playing around with how I want my wig, when I make Jake Long of American Dragon, it's a show I watched when I was a little younger and had Cartoon Network. Hayes pushed me over the edge to actually say "I'm gonna do this." So yeah XD

I'm probably going to buy a new black wig, and then some green extensions, cut them up and then Hairspray them onto the ends of the spikes, to get that green effect that he also have, I think it's an important point of his hair.

I've never noticed I get that twirl thing, when I smirk .__.

Making more natural roots on wigs.

I started on a new project today, and it involves a VERY OBVIOUS PARTING, so I figured... I'll snap a few pictures, and show you guys how I make wigs look more natural.

You need your wig of course XD
Some wigs have more color tones, so for those, this is rarely a must, but this wig is solid orange, and the 'crown' is very much visible, and looks very unnatural.

Magic sharpers (Using a brown one here), I know this isn't something that you don't really have around, unless you have more creative streaks (This one is happily borrowed from Zuumie xD)
the easiest way, is to use the light end, to softly stroke against the hair. Some sharpies doesn't 'stain' all that well, some does, so it's really about trying out what's best for the wig you're using.

*I'm pointing this, it's not flat on the wig!*

You can see I've stained the roots in choppy patterns, and also the small cap, just to darken it all a little.
You should also remember to layer, so you dye roots that isn't visible just now, but will be with movement, this gives depth to the wig.

And here without a flash, in natural light.

As you can see, I've also dyed in streaks, but that's another tale for another time.

Hope this is of help to some of you, there's alot of different ways to go about this, so you gotta be patient, and make your own way :3

Celebrating Anime K-ON! Yui Hirasawa’s Birthday

The 27st of November is Yui Hirasawa’s birthday. K-ON! Yui’s fans celebrating her birthday. Let's take a look of some interesting images. Actually the fans have celebrated her birthday last year

Saludos :)

Cosplayers y no cosplayers del mundo, bienvenidos a mi nuevo blog :) me llamo Ivette aunque prefiero que me llamen Ivy. Soy cosplayer desde el 2005 y poco a poco se ha ido convirtiendo en uno de mis hobbies favoritos ^_^. Soy estudiante de Bellas Artes en la Universidad de Barcelona, me encanta el arte, el manga/anime, los videojuegos (especialmente los de rol y los de lucha) y sobretodo el cosplay. Reconozco que soy muy perezosa, uno de los motivos por los que me hago poquitos cosplays al año u_u.
Gracias por leerme y os animo a todos a unirse a este maravilloso hobby :D!!

Dark and Krad wig commissions

Here we go, proper pictures of the Dark and Krad wigs I made for Lea and Zuumie.
This was my first time at doing wigs that had to be able to get rustled on stage, without going out of style.
Also they wanted a more "realistic anime esque" look, not too natural and not too anime (hardcore spiking)

The Dark wig was borrowed, therefore it was very limited as to how much I was allowed to play with layers, and really perfect it. It had alot of fly-away leftovers (cut off the ones I could get away with), and the neck was too straight, and the sides too uneven, but all in all. I think it turned out good still.
But definite need of improvement on the next one that Zuum's ordered (can't wait), especially more layering on the top (Hello single spike, doesn't anyone like you?)

Krad's wig was pretty easy and I finished it alot quicker than I thought I would.
There was alot of hair on this wigbase, so I had alot of hair to work with, and it was easy to move around, (can't say the same about the ponytail though x__x)
The long part of the fringe is one of the things I'm most satisfied with, it turned out really good, and it actually looks like it've been there all along, when it's actually a glued on strand :D
Also I love the bottom back part, since I had to make a little "Faggot tail", for the larger one to cling too, the net was VERY visable, so I had to pull small strands into the back, to cover it, and also it gives a really good texture effect.

The wigs together (Here you can see alot of Darks flyaways x_x;;)
Since Dark and Krad are mirror images of eachother, I felt it was very important to give them a very definite likeness, and I think I've pulled it off pretty well. (look at top fringe 'spike')

But that's actually all I have to say about that. Sorry for the watermarks ^^;
I'm excited for upcoming projects, hooo yea~

(Btw... should I do this for every wig that has a little more advancement in it? you guys wanna see that? huh?)

♥ SoranoSuzu

Ryeain :
SoranoSuzu's Fraken Stein is superb, the scar itself attract me the most !! Such manly! *lovelove
The one I like most is her Ion Fortuna *points 2nd photo, details all the way; the photo angle, the lighting, the pose and the character itself.. kudos to the photographer too!!
Yes, indeed a lot of improvement can be seen through out her cosplays.. good job!~


Ryea : What is Cosplay to you?
S: Cosplay for me - the best hobby.
It's the way for showing my ambitions in role-playing, way for embodying my actor skills and my sewing skills plus other making skills. I love to make something by my hands and to act on the scene - so cosplay is perfect hobby for me. I love to create not just costumes, but full images of my beloved characters, which I like to look alike.

Ryea : When do you first started to cosplay?
S: About three of four years ago. My first festival was Animatrix in Moscow, January 2007.
Before that my cosplays was non-public and soooooo far from perfect, oh my...

Ryea : How many characters have you cosplayed so far ?
S: Not a lot of, about thirty characters.

◦Shion Uzuki (Xenosaga ep.I)
◦Allen Walker (D.Gray-man manga)
◦James Potter (HP)
◦Claus Valca (Last Exile)
◦Watanuki Kimihiro (xxxHOLiC art vers.)

◦Kuujaku (RG Veda)
◦Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss)
◦Starlock Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann)
◦Death the Kid (Soul Eater)
◦Watanuki Kimihiro (xxxHOLiC manga vers.)
◦Rolo Lamperouge (Code Geass R2)
◦Chikusa Kakimoto (KHR!)
◦Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)
◦Komui Lee (D.Gray-man)
◦Kaworu Nagisa (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
◦Soul Evans (Soul Eater)
◦Albert de Morcerf (Gankutsuou)
◦Franken Stein (Soul Eater)

◦Kirakishou (Rozen Maiden)
◦Sora Halloweentown (Kingdom Hearts II)
◦Watanuki Kimihiro (xxxHOLiC another art vers. xD)
◦Itoshiki Nozomu (Sayonara, Zetsubou sensei)
◦Aoyagi Ritsuka (Loveless)
◦Light Yagami (Death Note)
◦Mashiro Kuna (Bleach)
◦Wang Yao/China (Axis Powers Hetalia)

◦Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann jail vers.)
◦Elizabeth (Shin Megamo Tensei - Persona)
◦Ion Fortuna (Trinity Blood - Thores Shibamoto art vers.)
◦Ashura-O (RG Veda)
◦Shion Kaito (Vocaloid - Imitation Black vers.)
◦Syaoran (Tsubasa:Reservoir Chronicle, art vers.)

Ryea : Which is your favorite character that you've cosplayed?
S: It's hard to name just one, because I love 90% of my cosplay character - and 10% I cosplayed just with interest.
There is three of my very favorite characters - Franken Stein, Simon and Watanuki Kimihiro. They're the best I think and they're mostly loved by me.

Ryea : Who is your first character?
S: Shion Uzuki from Xenosaga.

Ryea : Which characters is in your future cosplay list?
S: I don't want to reveal all secrets - I love surprises ^^
but I can say for sure that in the future I'll cosplay Nero from Devil May Cry 4, George from ParaKiss, D from Vampire Hunter Dloodlust and someone else ^^

Ryea : Do you make your own costume & props ?
S: It's about originals? No, I study in designers university and have absolutely no time for interesting originals.
All my non-cosplay works are designer's collections, historical costumes and other works like that.

Ryea : What is your favorite part when cosplay?
S: It's always small details, wigs and contact lenses ** I'm in love with them all and making small stuff like little hats, bracelets and masks - in other word, all decorating work - is pure joy for me!

Ryea: Any good/funny/memorable experience when you cosplay?
S: Every time I cosplay I learn something new and interesting - like how regular and boting things can be useful for my costumes and stuff.

Ryea: Do you idolize any cosplayer? Who?
S: Yes!
Astarohime&Emperor -
Cvy -
Tamarpg -
Astellecia -

They're the best! *0*

Ryea: Any tips to share ?
S: The main thing in cosplay - it's always try to do everything perfectly, from very beginning.
And, of course, a lot of love for cosplaying character and your work. Try to do as many small cosplay details as you can, that's every time bring character to life more and more.
Dream and try - not just dream! And all of plans and wishes will come true perfectly.

and 3 random questions :

1) Is Ion costume hard to make? which part took the longest time to make?

S: Not very hard, but a little... long. I've spent a month for this costume, it's really long time for me. The longest time to make... I think it's hat, but at the same time it's my favorite part of costume.

2) Franken Stein's scar is so real ! What kind of materials you used? any tutorial?

S: There are no difficult tutorial for that scars - I've made them prom cotton wool and medical glue. And make-up of course. Nothing very special ^^

3) Do you prefer more in crossplaying? You do well in crossplaying *thumbsup

S: Thanks! *0* I love crossplaying because it's always more difficult than just cosplay.
More difficult - more interesting.

Ryea : And lastly, what do you think about Let's Cosplay~?
S: I've just heard about this page, but I've looked it through and find it really nice, informative and interesting ^^

Hopefully pink

Just remembered that I forgot to post my last two outfits last week. Guess I make time for that tomorrow as I will run around like a maniac and hoping for my hair to be pastel pink or something similar at least. I'm running a test at the moment as I found a place in my hair that was decent pale blond and will see in the morning if it worked. Hopefully the hair won't fall off during the night as the dye hasn't got any chemicals in it.

On another note. I kind of started to listen to Vocaloid, specially Luka's Just Be Friends. I even got it as my cell phone signal. I guess that could be my way of saying I really like the song. And it even got me thinking of cosplaying Luka. Well if I ever will cosplay a Vocaloid I guess it would be Luka or Gumi. But now I should be getting to sleep, since time is ticking away.

One of the lovely pictures I've found with Luka Megumi. 

J-popcon 2010

J-popcon is over, and I must say....  it was a con filled with much better costumes than all the other years.
Though there was alot of bought once, but oh well. I'm a supporter on every side, I'm mostly interested in wigs, which... was pretty... needed here and there ^^;;

My Ciel Phantomhive costume, inspired by the Nendroid of him = not so AMAZING and with lots of details.
But still I'm pretty satisfied with the turn out (Eventhough it's transparent in bright lights XD)
*pictures by my friend Hopy*

And the 'wigs I've helped prepping part'

Kiba's Madam Red, I've cut this wig out of a really long one, and imo... it turned out perfect. It really suits her so well, and I'm proud of it.
*Picture by Ali Jehad*

It turned out so amazing (I say amazing too much), I was really satisfied with the face... flop... thingy... I've seen alot of... very unsuccessful tries on this one, and I was very into making it perfect and wearable.
*Pictures by my friend Hopy*

Sabine's (borrowed*unstyled*) wig, that I fixed up, unfortunately. No real good pictures yet, before I get my camera recharged, but this is a little something something. And I think it turned out great, seeing what I had to work with for starters, not being able to cut it and all :P
*Pictures by my friend Hopy*

So.... should I start taking commissions?
Featured cosplayer: LittleLuchinda

Featured cosplayer: LittleLuchinda

I decided that I wanted to feature some people, so now I will start doing that. Yes, spamming people with pictures is one of my favourite things.

First out is LittleLuchinda. She runs her own anime/manga merchandise shop and is great at cosplaying, not to mention that she a one of my inspiration sources.

This is so cute! I really like the wig styling and the attitude in this photo.

Luchinda takes on both manly and girly cosplays and succeed with it really well.

LittleLuchinda also is part of the cosplay group Project ShangriLa100%, which has a deviantART where you can check out all the thing they do.