Movement. This is what I always sees in his photos. Bringing the characters as if in motion and alive. Love it !
Inscense - my favorite shot, the flow of this photo is captured beautifully.
Different attempt can be seen and he does improved a lot!! *thumbsup

Ryea: What type of camera do you use in capturing those awesome photos?

Canon 350D, an old dslr camera that i bought about 6 years ago. I am so accustomed to it that it feels like i am not holding anything when i shoot. Sometimes i use my brother's film camera Canon EOS 300.

28mm and 50mm prime lens. I like wide angle lens because it forces one to be close to the subject, encouraging more interactions.

Ryea: What makes you to continue in photography with passion?

Looking at other people photographs and felt that "hey that is one way of looking at things" The unique and sensitive vision and eye of another photographer motivate me to seek my own.

The smiles of cosplayers when they look at the photos i took.

Ryea: Which is your most satisfied/favorite shot so far?

Well to me there is no favorite or best single shot. However there are certain photoshoots that i feel i have achieved something, like Honey and Clover, Mikuo and Ruki, Mori Girl, Sheryl Jamming and Kasuga.

Ryea: Which photo you've taken is the most challenging to you? why?

Every shoot has its own challenge. It is always challenging to tell a story through an image.

Ryea: What aspect do you think that you have improved a lot since you started photography?

First will be relationship with people though it still needs more improvement. I am introspective person who is often lost in thoughts in the inner world. Photography also trains me to observe more of the outside world.

Ryea: What's your goal achievement in photography?

To find out more about myself. A famous photographer once said "Every photo one made is a self portrait." The kind of subject matter one choose, the feeling the photographs evokes, actually tells more about the person taking the photo. Cosplay photography wise, sometimes it tells you how the photographer interpret the character he is shooting.

Ryea: Who do you look up to or inspires you?

Takashi Homma for his nonchalant style at taking tokyo landscape and teenagers.
Mika Ninagawa for bringing out the youthfulness and sweetness of girls.
Rinko Kawauchi for her observation of ordinary objects and natural phenomena.
Glen LuchFord for his cinematic lightings.
Hybridre for her take at cosplay photography.

Ryea: Any advise to those are new starter or interested in photography?

Ask yourself "Is it the camera gadgets that motivate you more or photography itself?" There is nothing wrong being a collector of gadgets but the interest in the act of photography itself will bring you a long way.

Ryea: Lastly, what do you think about Let's Cosplay this blog?

Great site to read more about fellow cosplayers and photographers thoughts that you cant find in other sites.

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