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Kazeki, I've been 'stalking' her awesome cosplays way before I started cosplaying. I'm certainly impressed by her cosplays, always bringing it to a higher level. Her cosplay of Fatima from Five Star Story really did blew me away with the suit and even more epic headgear... and she did portray Fatima very well*lovelove


Ryea: What is COSPLAY to you?
Being able to bring a 2D character to the real world.

Ryea: When do you first started to cosplay?

Ryea: How many characters have you cosplayed so far ?
Komachi Mikumari - Samurai 7
Athrun Zala ; Zaft uniform - Gundam SEED *borrowed from Roxanne*
Soi Fong ; battle and taichou uniform - Bleach
Seth Nightlord ; ROM III novel cover - Trinity Blood

Miranda Lott ; Exorcist uniform version - D.Gray-man
Dizzy ; battle form - Guilty Gear XX
Seth Nightlord (tea seller) - Trinity Blood
Athrun Zala; Akatsuki no Kuruma - Gundam SEED special OVA ending
Athrun Zala/Alex Dino - Gundam SEED Destiny *borrowed from Fenix*
Maya - Magna Carta Crimson Stigmata

Soi Fong ;Captain version - BLEACH
Agito - Air Gear *borrowed from Sizer*
C.C. - Code Geass
Firi - Lamento ~Beyond the Void~
Ion Fortuna (Court Version) - Trinity Blood *borrowed from Skye*

Dawn/Hikari from Pokemon : Diamond & Pearl
Shirayuri Hime - Zone 00
Sailor Star Healer - SailorMoon : Sailor Stars
Sharon Apple - Macross PLUS
Mercedes - Odin Sphere

Sheryl Nome (Iteza gogo Kuji don't be late)
Kimihiro Watanuki - xxxHolic *costume borrowed from ElderG*
Kasumi - Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach
Chie Satonaka - Persona 4
C.C. (Mutuality artbook) - Code Geass
Meg - Bakuretsu Tenshi
Velvet - Odin Sphere
Gumi Megpoid - Vocaloid
Fatima Hugtrang - Five Star Stories

Mita Makoto - Sweet Pool
Lady Gaga (Pokerface)
DEADMASTER - Black★Rock Shooter
Anti-Spiral Nia - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Nia Teppelin (timeskip version) - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Shimohira Reika - GANTZ
Beast - Kuroshitsuji

Ryea: Which is your favorite character that you've cosplayed?
Mercedes, Anti Spiral Nia, Fatima Hugtrang.

Ryea: Which is your first character?
Komachi from Samurai 7. Definitely too old for her now lol

Ryea: Which characters are in your future cosplay list?
More Magna Carta, I can't get over Hyung Tae Kim.

Ryea: Do you make your own costume & props ?
Costumes are usually tailored/modified but my props are made by Jarold and I.
I have awesome friends like Rain, Stick and Jac'kee that always help me out as well.

Ryea: What is your favorite part when cosplay?
Seeing a prop completed, wearing the full costume for the first time and I get very strange satisfaction when it comes to editing photos, I guess it's because I consider it the final touches of my cosplay.

Ryea: Any good/funny/memorable experience when you cosplay?
Persona 4 - waking up at 3am to get ready for a long road to Sekinchan.
C.C. Mutuality - Got to cosplay with the amazing Kanasaii and Lenneth pair. I felt like the luckiest C.C. ;_____;
Deadmaster - Shiroin, my photographer, sunk his leg into a giant pit of mud during the shoot!!!
Gumi/Miki - Vocaloids drowning in the swimming pool is quite a sight.

Ryea: How and what have you think you've improved from since you started cosplay?
Definitely improved in every aspect from prop making to make up and of course *~editing photos~* BEFORE & AFTER

Ryea: Do you salute/idolize any cosplayer?
Omi Gibson http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=168966
HRM http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=20651
-aira- http://ja.curecos.com/profile/?ch=72312
Kanasaii http://kanasaiii.deviantart.com/
LennethXVii http://lennethxvii.deviantart.com/
Cvy http://cvy.deviantart.com/

Ryea: Any tips to share ?
Study, research, work smart, enjoy!

Ryea: Do you think as a 'qualified' cosplayer, it's a must to do everything without the help from professionals ; costume props and others?
If that's the case, a lot of us wouldn't be "qualified" enough to cosplay.
Some people just have strengths on certain aspects while others don't.

and 3 random questions :

1) Which convention do you like most in Malaysia?
Comic Fiesta

2) How much money do you spend on Seth Nightroad.. the outfit is such AMAZING piece!!
Thank you! I spent about RM1.5k, it pales in comparism to the Trinity Blood team that debuted at CF2010 though, that team was AMAZING.

3) What do you do in events?
Meet old friends and new ones. I don't really have much stamina for events though.
I do better in photoshoots.

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