♥ Yabesuke 矢部佐

My goodness, I'm seriously attracted by her Ciel. One of the best I've seen.The feel of Ciel is there!!
Not to mention some of her other cosplays is nice too as her gallery has serious lots of photos!
Anyway, I never knew it but if you guys noticed.. she was the Naruto which many websites post up long time ago. =D


Ryea: What is COSPLAY to you?
Y: I think that is a life and an attitude for me.

Ryea: When do you first started to cosplay?
Y: Thirteen years old.

Ryea: How many characters have you cosplayed so far ?
Y: about 40~50, not including my original characters.

Ryea: Which is your favorite character that you've cosplayed?
Y: 謝爾 Ciel ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ

Ryea: Which is your first character?
Y: 通靈王-葉王

Ryea: Which characters is in your future cosplay list?
Y: Special and sexy male character.

Ryea: Do you make your own costume & props?
Y: Friends make for me(´∀`)ノ

Ryea: What is your favorite part when cosplay?
Y: looking at the props that make by myself.

Ryea: Any good/funny/memorable experience when you cosplay?
Y: There are all sorts of people here, especially the extreme cosplayers. I've had a lot of bad experiences, such as people talking behind my back about me, and other things like that...
Even though I can laugh about it, it still hurts. Even though cosplaying is fun, it really isn't that easy, and getting slandered is just... But I've also met a lot of great people, which I count myself lucky for.

Ryea: Do you salute/idolize any cosplayer? Who?
Y: I admire 泣花 冥 and 黑崎影.

Ryea: Any tips to share ?
Y: It's nothing if you're not having fun.^^

and 3 super-random questions :

1) How old are you?
Y: I'm 22.

2) Do you have a pet?
Y: I have a really old dog that I live with.

3) What is your favorite food ?
Y: Simple foods! bitter chocolate, milk and chocolate oatmeal.

Ryea: And lastly, what do you think about Let's Cosplay~?
Y: "Let's Cosplay is fun. It's great."(´//∀//`)ノ

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